Cancer as a Love Story:

Learning to live beyond cancer … from the inside out!

Cancer as a Love Story is a courageous story of a wellness pioneer who used the latest in neuroscience and “energy as medicine” to regain her own health after the devastating prognosis of breast cancer in 2012. Through her recovery, she teaches readers about one of the most overlooked parts of the healing journey: the emotional process of releasing toxins and internal stressors that may have contributed to disease developing.

With heart, vulnerability and wisdom, the author takes us on an inspiring, educational journey – learning to live beyond cancer from the inside out.  She provides an in-depth overview of the four components of health: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Cancer as a Love Story is full of “hidden jewels” and an insider’s look at the latest healing approaches which complement conventional medicine.

Developing the Mindset for Living

Learn the 8 characteristics of long-term cancer survivors … and other ways for enhancing and extending life.


“Creating a New Mindset For Living”

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A high-five to Gail Kauranen Jones for giving us the powerfully compelling chronicle of a wake-up call. She tells it like it is, without pulling her punches, and simultaneously makes it supremely informative, jam-packed with usable links and leads. With grace and grit, she has used her illness for what all illnesses were designed for - to get our attention and reorient us - encouraging us to embrace not only the habits of optimal health, but perhaps the much harder human work of falling back in love with ourselves.

Gregg Levoy

Author of Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life and Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion

Intuitive. Remarkable. Amazing. Profound. Validating. Transformational. These are just a few words to describe working with Gail. One three-hour session with Gail was equal to a year’s worth of work. Gail’s loving, compassionate, highly skilled process helped me SHED what was holding me back so I could show up fully alive and lead this Revolution. It’s Gail and God. What a dynamic and powerful team!

Kathy Dempsey

Founder, The Shedding Revolution - Scottsdale, AZ

For too long breast cancer has been considered primarily a ‘women’s issue.’ Gail’s story will inspire both men and women – especially men – who dearly love a woman dealing with the tragic impact of hearing these four life-shattering words: ‘You have breast cancer’.

David Bradshaw


Cancer as a Love Story contains a wealth of treasures for people wanting to explore the full spectrum of their healing options after a cancer diagnosis. Gail Kauranen Jones shares straight-up her first-hand experiences with medical modalities from conventional to the fringe, just as a friend might tell you about the good, the bad and the ugly of her experience. Even more important, she delves into who we need to become in order to allow sustained healing to occur. Curl up with a cup of hot tea and dive in!

Dr. Shani Fox, ND

Healing and Hope for Cancer Survivors

Gail Kauranen Jones

Gail is an author, speaker, blogger, transformational coach and wellness pioneer. Her passion is teaching others the healing power of reclaiming their innate love and worthiness. She enjoys sharing leading-edge resources that make a significant impact on health and wellbeing, through her powerful coaching programs on “Creating a new mindset for living” offered at www.SupportMatters

“A book of hope, healing and heart.”

Sara Buckner O’Meara, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, renowned spiritual healer, and leader of The Little Chapel ministry, Paradise Valley, AZ